ANGEL Deliverables

ANGEL Innovate Unit model
Specifications of the ANGEL Guidance
ANGEL Guide of Best Practices: University-led Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Gap analysis Report – Download PDF
ANGEL Training Material and Trainers’ Guide
ANGEL Train the Trainers workshops
ANGEL Institutional Strategies

ANGEL Innovate Unit
ANGEL Training workshops for teaching and administrative staff
ANGEL Communities

ANGEL Training Material
ANGEL Training Programme
Community-led support for entrepreneurship in ANGEL Universities
ANGEL Entrepreneurship prize

Quality Assurance and Evaluation Plan
Project evaluation compendium
Quality Assurance and evaluation Reports
Evaluation report

Dissemination and exploitation Plan
ANGEL website
Portfolio of dissemination material
ANGEL national conferences
ANGEL policy recommendations
ANGEL Info days
ANGEL International Conference and ANGEL Prize Award

Partnership Agreement
Interim Report No. 1
Interim Report No. 2
Final report