The ANGEL Erasmus+ International Conference emerges as a pivotal event, marking the culmination of the ANGEL project’s dissemination activities. With a focus on fostering sustainable innovation and knowledge exchange, this conference stands as a beacon for collaborative efforts between the ASEAN and EU partners. Here’s an overview of the key elements that define this significant gathering:

Finale Dissemination Activities of ANGEL:
The conference serves as the grand finale in the dissemination journey of the ANGEL project. It’s a platform to showcase the project’s achievements, insights gained, and the impact it has had on enhancing cooperation and innovation in both the ASEAN and EU regions.

Gathering Participants from ASEAN and EU Partners:
Drawing together participants from across ASEAN and EU partners, the conference embodies the spirit of international collaboration. By bringing together diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise, it aims to enrich discussions and pave the way for future collaborations.

Case Study Presentations and Book Chapters:
A highlight of the conference is the invitation for case study presentations, which will subsequently be published as book chapters. This initiative not only promotes the dissemination of valuable research findings but also contributes to the sustainability of knowledge transfer. By immortalising these case studies in publications, their impact can be perpetuated beyond the confines of the conference.

Diverse Conference Programs:
The conference offers a rich array of programs designed to cater to the varied interests of participants. From case study presentations and workshops to the ANGEL CBHE Innovation Competition and networking dinners, attendees can engage in multifaceted discussions, learning, and networking opportunities.

Affiliated Conference of AHIBS – ACT 2024:
As an affiliated conference of the AHIBS – ACT 2024 Conference, organized by the esteemed Azman Hashim International Business School, the Angel Erasmus+ International Conference benefits from synergies with a broader academic and professional community. This affiliation underscores the conference’s credibility and significance within the academic sphere.