ANGEL aims to build the necessary capacity in eleven ASEAN Universities for balancing the high potential economic growth and innovation in the partner countries with their lack of capacities in green entrepreneurship as well as resolving entrenched issues and challenges of poverty, low-quality jobs in the informal sector, the digital divide and filling leadership gaps. 

Its objectives are: 

  • to address green entrepreneurship and transformational leadership and social innovation challenges, 
  • to build a high calibre network of future green entrepreneurial leaders with effective and efficient styles of management, who will uphold ethics and good governance while being able to connect with the local/regional and international market ecosystem while producing a multiplier effect in the ASEAN region. 

With the above general aims of ANGEL, the project specifically undertakes the following objectives in the hope to develop an innovative green entrepreneurial-leadership ecosystem that will foster: 

  • Guidance: Creation of an online guide that will offer practical, personalized information for building and leading a green enterprise; a targeted training programme which will be complemented with personal coaching and will support the creation of start-ups. 
  • Engagement: Build a university network that will reach and mobilize both internal and external stakeholders through its ANGEL- Innovate Unit. Internal stakeholders will include faculty members, administrative staff, researchers, students and relevant external partners who will be social entrepreneurs, start-ups and government agencies that relate to green entrepreneurship. 
  • Exchanges and sharing: the ANGEL-Hub will be a centre for the development of early-stage start-ups in green technologies, energy and sustainable development. 
  • Support: the ANGEL-Enterprise team will have the mission to support and advance ANGEL in the long term through the development of expertise in the commercialization of Universities’ knowledge and technology, and partnership-building with the external regional/national/international entrepreneurial ecosystem.